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by Livecycle

Provision preview environments for Docker Compose applications with minimal configuration


Use Preevy to provision your Docker Compose application with minimal configurations.
Simply run preevy up, and Preevy will return a public URL for every service in your configuration.

You can read more about the Preevy origin story and motivation.


  • Node.js installed.
  • Docker and Docker Compose V2 installed.

Getting Started

Preevy is designed to be easy to use, with an API smiliar to Docker Compose.

  1. Install Preevy CLI globally

    npm install -g preevy

    Or use npx to run the CLI without installing it:

    npx preevy <command>
  2. Choose the cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster you're going to use and configure credentials:

  3. Set up a profile

    preevy init
  4. From the same directory where your docker-compose.yml or compose.yml file is located, run the command below, ensuring Docker is running:

    preevy up

Note: Preevy uses the git repo at the current directory to calculate a stable environment ID for your project. Make sure a git repo is initialized (with at least one commit), or add the --id flag to explicitly specify the environment ID.

Cloud provider credentials

Managing and provisioning preview environments in Preevy, requires access and credentials to a cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster. Currently AWS, GCP, Azure and Kubernetes are supported, but more providers are coming soon. Once you install and initialize your cloud provider CLI, Preevy will recognize and employ your configuration settings.

For more info, see AWS lightsail credentials configurations, GCP credentials configuration, Azure credentials configuration and Kubernetes credentials configuration.