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Preevy Benefits & Use Cases

Preevy is a powerful tool that gets you the feedback you need, from anyone, at any point in the SDLC. By doing so, Preevy impacts your team's development workflow and overall developer experience.

Benefits of using Preevy

Here are some of the key benefits for developers and dev teams who use Preevy:

  • Easily provision ephemeral environments
  • Hassle-free code reviews
  • Clear feedback from non-technical stakeholders
  • Shorter feedback loops
  • Code without interruptions or context switches
  • Faster PR turnaround times
  • Fewer bugs shipped to production
  • Avoid staging-server bottlenecks
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings
  • Instantly demo new and experimental features
  • More contributions to your OSS projects
  • Less time needed for OSS project maintenance
  • 'In-flight collaboration' with instant feedback as soon as changes are made

Common use cases

Here are some of the common ways that dev teams are using Preevy in their workflows:

  • Optimized workflows for distributed engineering teams
  • Code reviews and dev-to-dev collaboration
  • Cross-functional collaboration between developers and non-technical stakeholders
  • Instant demo environments for new and experimental features
  • Streamlined PR review processes for open-source maintainers
  • Automated ephemeral environments to reduce DevOps overhead
  • Instant sharing of local development environments for quick, in-flight feedback