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Microsoft Azure Driver

Preevy can provision virtual machines on Microsoft Azure using the azure driver. Microsoft Azure also offers free 12 months for new users which is suited for trying out preevy.

Supported options

region--azure-regionMicrosoft Azure region in which resources will be provisionedrequired(none)
subscription-id--azure-subscription-idMicrosoft Azure subsription IDrequired(none)
vm-size--azure-vm-sizeMachine type to be provisionedoptionalStandard_B2s

Overriding options

Similar to other drivers, options are saved in the Preevy profile to be used as default values for all operations.

Options can be overridden for a specific compose file by adding them to the x-preevy section:

driver: azure
vm-size: DS3_v2

Options can also be overridden using a CLI flag per command execution:

preevy up --azure-vm-size=DS3_v2

Credentials Configuration

Preevy uses the Microsoft Azure SDK which can obtain the application default credentials. The simplest way is to use az login command.

See the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to configure Azure credentials and use them with Preevy.

Required Azure permissions