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GCP Compute Engine Driver

Preevy can provision virtual machines on GCP using the gce driver. Google compute engine provisioning time for a VM is usually less than a minute, the default machine size in use is e2-small (2GB, 2vCpu) which costs around $12 per month. Google Compute also offers a $300 free credit for new users which is suited for trying out preevy.

Supported options

project-id--gce-project-idGoogle Cloud project IDrequired(none)
zone--gce-zoneGoogle Cloud zone in which resources will be provisionedrequired(none)
machine-type--gce-machine-typeMachine type to be provisionedoptionale2-small

Overriding options

Similar to other drivers, options are saved in the Preevy profile to be used as default values for all operations.

Options can be overridden for a specific compose file by adding them to the x-preevy section:

driver: gce
machine-type: e2-medium

Options can also be overridden using a CLI flag per command execution:

preevy up --gce-machine-type=e2-medium

Credentials Configuration

Preevy uses the Google SDK which uses application default credentials ( The simplest way is to use gcloud auth application-default login command.

Also, you can check out the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to configure GCP credentials and use them with Preevy.

Required GCE permissions